Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday

This Tatting Tea Tuesday finds us still with lots of snow on the ground. I woke up to some beautiful mornings as we've also had fog every day. The ice-covered trees made me stop for a few minutes & take some deep breaths of the cold, crisp, clean air.

I'm about to enjoy one of my favorite teas this evening. Bigelow's Constant Comment. The tea cup was a gift from an exchange partner a couple years ago. This tea & me go waaaaaaaaay back to my hippy days. Maybe I'll put on some patchouli perfumed oil & enjoy my cuppa, along with my tatting & some fond memories of days of complete freedom.

I have a new tatting book & some new thread. The thread is very vintage-looking, but is one of the Lizbeth sz 40 threads. I'm working on one of the edgings. Unlike the other handkerchiefs I did, this one gets the edging attached while you're tatting it. A bit tricky at first, but once I figured it out, I was less clutsy about it. LOL!

Happy TTT to you all!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Answering Questions From Yesterday's Entry

Thanks to everyone for the compliments on yesterday's TTT blog entry! Some of you had questions about the items in the pic, so I'll talk a little about those items.

The shuttles are wood & are made by Georgia Seitz. Georgia's contact info is on her online tatting class:
I don't know how others find out about when her shuttles are available. I'm in the online classes & received an email with pics of shuttles that were available. You may be able to get that info by emailing here (see the link.)

The thread winders. Well, that was me making do with what I could find. I went to Hobby Lobby, & in their wood crafts section, they have all types of wood cut-outs. I found these nicely, already painted snowflakes. They're the perfect size for a 50 yd skein of HDT, & they're nice for winding off those leftover threads that you just don't want to throw away. I found some rub-on transfers & used them on a couple of the snowflakes.

The little hook came in a set of 3 from lacis.com, & handyhandstatting.com carries them as well. I use the smallest of the three most often, so I attached a chain to it & this pretty mother of pearl ring. The ring came from silverneedle.com. If you haven't been to that site, it's a must visit!! On the left side of the home page choose Product Lines, then Accessories, Gifts & Gadgets. Have fun!!

The tea cup. I'm collecting tea cups for my granddaughter. Hobby Lobby had flower tea cups one year, so every time I went to Hobby Lobby, I picked up a different flower tea cup. They're all so cute!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday - Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Yesterday it actually got above freezing. Some of the snow & ice has melted from the streets, but we still have several feet of snow & 5 foot drifts, & this a.m. it's only 8 degrees f.

As I was tatting up another heart in my Fairy Sky HDT, using my new GS shuttle, I reached for a threadwinder & picked up the one with all the flowers & insects on it. Well, all those together got me to thinking about summer. I got out one of my flower cups & saucers, & took this pic. Raising my cup to summer time flower gardens & picket fences!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lovely Shuttles

Look what came to me from Georgia Seitz!  I purchased the 4" one right before Christmas, then decided it was so pretty, I needed some of Georgia's small shuttles. Aren't they about the prettiest shuttles you've ever laid eyes on? The price of Georgia's shuttles is unbelievable, & the quality is top-notch!

I did a test tat of one of the small shuttles last night. They are just as lovely to work with as to look at!! They're just the right size & shape for me, & I didn't have to "get used" to them, I was just tatting comfortably right away. I love my Clovers for comfort, but these just bumped the Clovers down a notch. I really love fine, wood tools & these are just that!

Georgia sent my shuttles the day she got my order, so they arrived in a flash! The large shuttle came in it's own tin, & the 2 small ones came together in their own tin. Now, you all know my lust for tins. LOL! I'll shop for some coordinating felt to line them, & my GS shuttles will always have a safe home, although I don't think they'll lie idle very often!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Motif #3 of 2010's 25 Motif Challenge

I gave Yarnplayer's stained-glass idea a try. This is unblocked, so it looks wonky. I used my own HDT & black Lizbeth both sz 20. The square pattern is from http://free-tatting.com/

Last night was the monthly meeting of the Lincoln Lacemakers, & we had a class on Maltese Rings. Now that is an interesting technic!! I left the class able to do the rings, but I'll have to practice to retain what I learned.

It was iffy there for a few minutes while I struggled with tensioning. I mean, you're sitting there with the ring thread around your left hand, then the instructor stays, "Now take the other shuttle over your left hand & wrap it around your pinky." My eyes crossed, my fingers all went into spasms & then she says, "Now make a stitch only on the thread wrapped around your pinky, not both threads, & don't flip it." I began squirming in my chair, then I was feeling, & probably looking like a contortionist as I struggled to keep tension on 2 threads, make the, "Oh shoot! I dropped my shuttle." stitch. Once, I had the required 2 ds's on that 1 thread, the instructor (with a wicked grin, I swear a wicked grin) says, "Now take the thread from around your little finger & pull it. It should feel just like closing a ring." Me - no response, bug-eyed, praying as I pulled the thread. My heart sank, because (of course) it wouldn't budge.

I persisted, though, & I finally had her sit next to me & show me. Apparently, that's the only way I learn any new tatting technics. I have to SEE it being done! LOL!

After all the struggling, you know how ecstatic I was when I left. I can do Maltese Rings!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Motif #2 of 2010 & Tatting Tea Tuesday #1

Well, since I started the 25 Motif Challenge late it 2009, I'm going to start over for 2010. It just seemed odd to start a new year on motif #9, maybe even bad luck since 9 isn't a lucky number.

So this Tatting Tea Tuesday I'm showing you the 2nd hanky I did. It's the same clover edging done in Lizbeth sz 40 & the color is #117 Country Side which is antique turquoise, dark fern & dark blue medium. I think this one is for me.

I'm sooooo happy. The local shop that used to carry supplies for cross stitchers & embroiderers, has expanded to supplying threads to lacemakers. She now stocks Lizbeth theads in sz 20 & sz 40! Hobby Lobby here is still carrying the same 35 colors in sz 20 only. (sigh)

The Beatrice Potter tea cup was a door prize at the YaYa Sisterhood annual craft day. It's awfully pretty! It's one of my favorites. The cinnamon-orange tea is from a shop in Pike's Market in Seattle from our vaca there last summer. I've talked about that tea in previous TTT posts. It tastes like cinnamon candy. Yummmmmmmmmm!

Happy TTT to you all, & I'm relieved to know this tradition will continue for another year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Motif #9

First Motif of 2010- Sweet Heart by Birgit Phelps in Yarnplayer's Midnight Oil HDT

A happy & wonderfully peaceful year to you all! Thanks to those of you who've been following my blog. This is all still pretty new to me, including tatting.

I won't make any resolutions, 'cause I never seem to be able to keep them. It's easier on my self esteem if I just work each day on me, changing what I can about me that needs changing.

I do want to improve my tatting during 2010. I'll be working on split chains & self-closing mock rings first. I want to dye some more thread's for 2010, too. I don't know if I'll sell, but that's a possibility.

Oh, & not to forget all those wonderful threads I have to try out from the Thread Exchange. All of my partners came through, although I didn't get a chance to post pics of the last 2 envelopes & their contents. A great big THANK YOU!! to each & every exchange partner for making my first ever thread exchange so much fun!