Friday, June 25, 2010

Been Away Too Long

Wow! I've been away from my blog waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. I'm still out here, & I'm still tatting.

I've been busy on the week-ends doing tatting demos with The Lincoln Lacemakers. It's always a fun time. We did demos at Rock Creek Station ( a Pony Express station,) Homestead National Monument & next we'll be at Arbor Lodge. I love tatting in these historical locations, especially Arbor Lodge where you really step back in time making lace in a quiet room in the beautiful, old mansion.

I decided to see if I could sell any of my tatted pendants. I'm happy to say, "Yes, I can!" I sold one at a craft fair where I was selling my handmade soaps & bath & body products, & I sold one to a lady who was admiring the one I'd given my sister. I purchased a nice display to showcase them, so let's see if I can sell any while I'm demo'ing.

No pics this time, but I have some to download from my camera. I'll post them later.

Wow! I was so surprised when I tried to find The Shuttle Shop! Their website is no more. I did reach Erin by email thank goodness!!! While demo'ing at Homestead, a fellow tatter was admiring my SS shuttle. Her daughter later came over & asked if I could order one of the shuttles her mom was admiring, for her mom's birthday was in Nov. I said I could, so my heart dropped when I couldn't find the SS website. I'm so happy that I was able to order the shuttle for her after all.

On the flip side of that. I've been drooling over The Shuttle Shop's inlaid sunflower shuttle since it first was offered. I always told myself not this year, maybe next. Well, I decided THIS YEAR I'd better get it ordered. Who knows how long Erin will continue to make shuttles?

Then, I decided to search etsy to see if there were any new shuttles there. Wowza!!! Was I surprised to see those beautiful silver shuttles by LadyShuttlemaker, & some new acrylic tensioning shuttles by Craig!! OK, so I ordered one of Craig's - the 2-tone purple one. LadyShuttlemaker's is on my wish list which I'll be giving to DH soon! LOL! Can one have too many shuttles? I'm beginning to feel just a wee bit guilty, just a weentsy wee bit.


Katherinne McKay said...

Glad to see you back and blogging! Congrats on selling your first few pieces!

Can't wait to see the pictures you were talking about!

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