Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Bead from the Bead Bazaar

The Bead Bazaar happened last week-end. I LOVE the Bead Bazaar & was one of the first people in the doors. Now, there's definitely a pay off to getting there early. Scott & I wandered to different vendors, & when we met in the middle, I had already found some treasures.

Once vendor had a bowl with a sign. "Fill a bag full of beads for $4.00." OMG!! OK, who could pass that by. Being one of the first, I had the best selection, & what finds!! All the beads were lampworked. One was the cutest pumpkin.

Here's what I did with it using Yarnplayer's Carnival Earrings pattern found here:


Carol Lawecki said...

Hi again Katie, I am going through your entire blog looking at all the Lizbeth threads, but wanted to comment on this. This is soooo CUTE!!! I love the pumpkin bead with the black thread and green beads. Great combination.

Katie said...

Thanks Carol. That pumpkin bead was such a great find!

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