Sunday, October 25, 2009

Monkey on My Back - Tatting Container Acquisition

Now, this isn't my fault. I lay the entire responsibility of my jonesing for yet another tatting container at the feet of my friend Jan.

Jan called & really wanted me & my pooch to go with her & her pooch to Petco's costume contest for dogs. Ok, so I dressed up Widget, my Chinese Crested, & away we went. Jan & her angel dog, Kudjo  had wandered off, so we trecked off to  find them.

There Jan was digging through a clearance bin. She joyfully held up some decorative tin containers. "Hey! Look at these! I'm giving them for Christmas gifts to the angel dog owners!" I asked her if there was one for me. "Nope! I have them all." she laughed. I whined that I really wanted one & went on a search for more. None to be found, so I whined some more. When we got back to my place, she gifted me with one, because she said I whined so well.

Here are the dogs. Jan's Kudjo the angel dog in wings, & my Widget in her So Cute It's Scarey costume, & my new doggy treat lunch box transformed into my newest tatting box.


Carol Lawecki said...

Oh my, the dogs look soooo cute!!! Did your little doggies win??? Love the container too!! Happy Halloween!!

Isdihara said...

Those prettied-up pooches are some cool canines! And your new tatting container is "the cat's meow," too. Sorry I fell short in thinking up a cool dog catch-phrase. LOL!

Great post! I keep looking at those adorable dogs (the dressed up ones AND the ones on the box).

Katie said...

Happy Halloween to you too Carol! Dressing up the pooches was a lot of fun & laughs. Our pups didn't win. I think first place went to a bull dog dressed as a caveman with a brown wig on & leapard boots & outfit. It was a screem!!!

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