Friday, October 9, 2009

Intro - Katie's Tatting Too!

I tried, literally for decades to learn how to tat. I was pea green every month at our lace group meeting. Everyone could tat except me. The tatters brought their finished projects, & I would wonder why I couldn't do that, too.

Over the years, I ran a full range of emotions about tatting . At first it was curiosity, then frustration, then all-out jeolosy. Then, the day dawned when I was actually angry becasue I couldn't learn to flip that blasted knot. I mean furious. My motto became, "I DON'T tat!!! Eventually, I turned over & said, "Bury me, & throw in the shovel when you're finished! I will NEVER tat!"

This past year, one of my lacing friends lost her home to a fire. I was out shopping for shuttles & thread for her when I spied the Learn to Tat book & DVD.  Suddenly, I was hit with an intense desire - to learn to tat. All the way to the check-out, I thought "What a waste of money!"

When I got home, I pulled out the DVD & popped it into my laptop & began watching. I stopped the video, got a shuttle & wound it. I started the video, & followed along. I flipped the knot, then I flipped another & another. I did 2' of ds's without missing a beat or failing to flip!!! OMGaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash!!! I was tatting!!

Here's the proof that I finally can tat!


Carol Lawecki said...

Beautiful Doily!! And you're just a beginner, wow, look at that, such a big project! I love this color, I think I have this color too.

Susanne said...

What a great job you've done with this. I also like the colours.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi Katie!

I am DELIGHTED to find your blog, and super delighted to discover that you learned to tat from Janette Baker's DVD! I am very impressed with her exceptional DVD and attractive book.

I'm sure Janette would love to hear from you!
I've actually had a chance to correspond with her. I contacted her through her website,, where there is a tab at the top that says 'Contact'. After my sending a note complimenting her on her book and especially the DVD, she responded with a nice e-mail to me, and also indicated that she'd like to send me a correction to the 'daffodil doily' pattern, which I have now received. Perhaps you received the corrected pattern with your book.

I also waited a l-o-n-g time to learn to tat (33 years - from 1956-89). I'm now 65 and have been tatting for 20 years. I was very lucky to finally find an excellent tatting teacher in my area. However, I know I could have easily learned to tat from this DVD, if it had only been available in 1956 (when I was 12!)

You've obviously 'taken off' with your tatting, and I look forward to watching your progress. Also, apparently you're not computer-challenged, as you got your blog up and running in very short time, and you even added your own distinctive and attractive template. I'm still just a 'beginner' with blogging.

Are you thinking about joining the 25-Motif Challenge?

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