Monday, November 9, 2009

Tatting Related

Although, I tatted all week-end, I'll post about it on Tatting Tea Tuesday, because for certain I'll still be working on that project!!

I did manage to get some cleaning done, & I worked on putting together some items for an exchange. While I was shopping at Hobby Lobby on Friday, I took notice of the felted pieces. You can purchase individual, already felted parts to make flowers, or entire, already made flowers for purse projects, etc. I've been in need of a tiny pincusion, & when I saw packages of these tiny flowers, & packages of leaves, I thought, "Oh, tiny pincusions!!!" Each little flower is sewn together & even has seed beads sewn on them.

Now, this was an easy project.
Glue flower to leaf. Let dry. LOL!!

Now, I have a tiny pincusion for each of my tatting boxes. They're about the length of a Clover shuttle, & if I'd had my photographer hat on, I would've thought to include a shuttle in the pic & added some pins.


Rayanna said...

Those are adorable. Very nicely done. Have a great day.

Gina said...

I meant to comment on these and got sidetracked, as usual. I have a felt leaf in my tat box which holds needles that I use to pick out a tight stitch, or sew something with my larger tapestry needles. I think these would be so much cuter to hold my needles!

Katie said...

I have mounted one in my tatting box. I'll post a pic soon.

I made the mistake of using too much glue which got inside the petals. Now the needle runs into the glue. Waaah. I'll have to do another one & maybe sew the petal to the leaf instead of glueing it.

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