Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Goodies from the HBT Thread Exchange

I'm sorry I don't have any tatting to show this week. I did something to my wrist/thumb carrying a laundry basket, so I haven't been able to tat all week. Waaaaaaaaah!

Instead of tatting, I've decided to share with you what I've been receiving from my Thread Exchange partners. This is turning out to be one of the best exchanges I've participated in. I do feel a little bad, though. You see most of my partners have sent letters along with their goodies sharing about themselves & their lives. All I sent was an eentsy note saying thanks for participating & happy holidays. I'm realising what on opportunity I let slip by to let them know something about me personally.

OK, well it's my first thread exchange, so I guess I can go easy on myself. LOL!

Here's what I received from Robert, who it turns out, is my next door neighbor in the state of Iowa. As you can see from the pic, he doesn't just tat. He's been a quilter for many years as well. Isn't that the sweetest little pieced stocking. I wish you could see it up close, because it is perfection. Each piece is cut & sewn together with such precision! He sent a really wonderful letter & some Valdani thread. Valdani thread is made in Romania. I've used it for punch needle embroidery. It's lovely to work with there, so I"m hoping it will tat up nicely, too. There's also a lovely post card of the nativity which is now gracing my coffee table.

If you have never experienced a thread exchange, I hope these posts will encourage you to sign up for the next one you hear about. You won't be disappointed!


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