Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tatting Tuesday a Day Late

Well, Tatting Tea Tuesday breezed right past me without me even noticing. I did post on Tues, though.

The city is at a standstill. Road crews have cleared only the main streets. Downtown hasn't been cleared & the news is saying don't bother going there - it's dangerous.

I have my faithful Jeep, so I forged my way out of our side street onto a cleared snow route. I decided to come to work today & not waste a vacation day. I work at the local PBS station in Engineering & our Chief Engineer couldn't make it into town, & most everyone else is taking the day off. We had some problems yesterday with servers, so I'm here making sure they're all working properly, making sure the operators are keeping snow out of the satellite dishes, etc.

I'd rather be home with my shuttles, but jobs are hard to keep now days with the economy.

Tatting - I decided I didn't like my Crinoline Lady in size 20 thread, so I started over with size 40. It's looking so much more delicate. I don't have any size 40 thread in white, so there won't be any white ruffles at the hem of her dress, but that's ok. I'm going to need a solid size 40 for her bonnet, though. Oh darn! That means ordering thread! tee hee!


Anonymous said...

your funny, keep it coming.
Happy Tatting!

Fox said...

Better get that order in quick! LOL!

Hope your snow problems have melted some! We were supposed to get that storm - it mostly rained though!
Fox : )

Kathy Niklewicz said...

That's really dedication! Hope you get recognized for, in my opinion, risking your life somewhat (even if you have a Jeep) to get to the job. (There's always ice under the snow to consider.) I'm intrigued about how snow is cleaned off the satellite dishes. Are they the big ones? That sounds like a challenge, too!

I'm enjoying all your tatting adventures.

Katie said...

Kathy, the dishes are huge!! With our remote control system, the guys can tilt the dishes from inside the building so the snow falls out. They just need to be reminded to do it. LOL!

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