Friday, December 4, 2009

Motifs #5 & #6

Finally, I'm finding time to blog! Yesterday, I was wearing my newest tatted Sweetheart, when my co-worker said, "Nice tatting!" I was amazed that he (not a she) knew what tatting was at a quick glance. I had to ask how He (now held in much higher esteem than previously) knew what tatting was when most females can't ID it. His sister-in-law tats, & He & his wife have her tatting hung on their walls as "wall art". Now, is that amazing or is that amazing?!

OK, here's the latest Sweetheart in one of my own HDT. This is DMC instead of Lizbeth sz 20. I have to say, I like the Lizbeth much better - it seems to have a sheen in comparison to the DMC. From now on, my HDT will done with Lizbeth.

I had to make one of Yarnplayer's little rings to go with my other Sweetheart. It's a fun & easy pattern! You can find it here:

Here are the older Clovers from my sister & 2 new balls of Lizbeth in size 40. I tatted the newest Sweetheart with one of the new old Clovers. I'll tat her a snowflake to include with her Christmas card - tatted with one of the shuttles.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

That's pretty amazing! My husband sometimes asks me what I'm knitting/crocheting/sewing when I'm tatting. He's getting smarter, though... lately he's been asking me what I'm making! Have fun with your new toys!

M said...

I can't imagine how I'd have reacted to a male who knew what my tatting was. It was strange enough when tatting at work to have a female say "What are you tatting?" my reaction of "How'd you know what I was doing?" probably made it seem like I was part of a secret society.

Your clover shuttles are particularly pretty.

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