Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tatting Tea Tues - Late

I'm a day late with my Tatting Tea Tuesday post. I just returned from Thanksgiving in CO where my sister lives. We had a wonderful & fun Thanksgiving, but I'm way behind on everything!! I have several pics I want to post, but they'll have to wait til later in the week.

I tatted another of the Sweet Hearts. This one is done in one of the new Lizbeth colors. I can't remember the name of it - nothing new about my lack of good memory.

I didn't find any tatting threads, but my sister did root around her sewing room looking for shuttles. She's sure she has what may be a bone shuttle, but couldn't find it. She did find an unopened package of the older Clover tortoise shell colored shuttles. They are my favorite Clovers, too! Isn't that a funny coincidence? Now that I know she once wanted to learn to tat, I know any tatted pieces I gift her with will be loved!

Unfortunately, my sister has very poor hand/eye coordination from having rhumatic fever as a child. She had to learn to walk, talk, etc 3 different times until she was 9 years old. All of the fiber crafts I love doing, she just can't, so I want to share as many of my finished pieces as I can with her. She's very limited where crafts are concerned, but the one she can do & has become a master at is sewing. She's a master quilt-maker & seemstress! She has an amazing ability to love unconditionally, too. She can always find somethng good in even the rottenest people! Our mom died in a car accident when I was 9, & my sister Joyce took me in. She's been my mom, my big sister & my best friend.

Raising my cup to Big Sisters!!


❦TattingChic said...

Very pretty! I ♥ the little pink teardrop bead at the bottom! That's a nice touch. :)

Isdihara said...

Thanks for joining in the Tatting Tea Tuesday fun, especially since you just got back from CO!

You've made me rethink my own late post.

Rayanna said...

I can only hope that my brother feels the same way as you do about your big sister. I too had to take care of him and it was not easy. It still can be a task because the way he is now is not the way I would imagine his life for him. I love the sweet heart. I would not mind doing one myself. Happy Tatting!

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